SAMPLE SUNDAY – ‘Ethan’s Choice: Blank Pages I’

Here’s Excerpt #2 from my next soon to be released novel; now available for pre-order on Amazon – Enjoy! She could shatter me. It was the first and only thought that came to Ethan’s mind the first time he looked at Serena Clay. When she’d excused herself, he turned around, saw her, and for a … More SAMPLE SUNDAY – ‘Ethan’s Choice: Blank Pages I’

SAMPLE SUNDAY – ‘Ethan’s Choice: Blank Pages I’

This is an excerpt from a new release I have coming on 10.18.19 – Enjoy! Pratt Institute Brooklyn, New YorkApril 1977 Serena had just finished her tuna fish sandwich and now she wanted something sweet. Like always, her cravings for sweet came immediately after she’d tasted the savory or in this case, salty. Pulling the … More SAMPLE SUNDAY – ‘Ethan’s Choice: Blank Pages I’

And now for something completely different…

I’d been listening to the authors Walter Mosley and Kareem Abdul Jabbar speaking with each other during a book interview for nearly an hour. Separately they both exuded interesting tales of lives that obviously were thick with rich experiences. During the Q&A someone asked Mosley who or what influenced him as a writer. As was … More And now for something completely different…

Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny by Lily Java When a young woman starts a journal of letters for her baby girl, she does it to help them remember the special moments they share when her daughter is too young to speak. Little does she realize that this exercise in communication, memory, and love will eventually become a fundamental … More Lucky Penny

Lily’s Path to More

Originally posted on Nia Forrester Books:
Over the past three weeks, you’ve gotten acquainted with three of the writers from my upcoming collaboration, ‘Because My Heart Said So’. One by one, Jacinta Howard, Rae Lamar and I have submitted to the inquisition of the author who has played the role of project manager, house-mother and…