SAMPLE SUNDAY #3- ‘Ethan’s Choice: Blank Pages I’

Here’s Excerpt #3 from my newly released novel. Available on Amazon & KU now. Enjoy!

When they got in the car, this time, Ethan took the wheel. It was only a ten-minute drive to stores where they could get staples but instead, they went to the nearest city of Hudson. The trip still took less than twenty minutes, but the places for them to shop were plentiful. They quickly picked up everything they would need to spend the weekend alone together, even a bottle of wine. On the way back, Ethan finally noticed how quiet Serena had been.

“Honey? Are you tired?”

“No, I’m all right.”

“Why so quiet then?”

“I don’t mean to be. I was just wondering.”


“Why we’re here, I guess. Or maybe why you wanted to come here . . . with me?”

The road was clear, so Ethan spared a glance at Serena. Her expression wasn’t entirely vacant, but it was certain that she had something weighing on her.

“Do I need a reason to want you with me?”

That got her attention, and she turned almost fully to face him.

“No . . . no, you don’t. But I think there’s something you should know.”

“What is it?” Ethan tried to keep the edge out of his voice. A difficult task under most circumstances, but in this moment it felt impossible.

“I’m falling in love with you, Ethan. I am in love with you. Being up here . . . with you . . . it’s not just some kind of lark for me. I . . . I don’t just want to jump your bones all the time.” Serena paused then, and he could hear the smile in her voice as she went on. “Well . . . not all the time. But you need to know. I want to be with you because it’s when I’m the happiest.”

* * *

Ethan’s eyes never wavered from the road in front of him.

Serena watched him quietly for a while. When it was clear he had nothing to say—no response at all—she turned away, embarrassed. She stared at the myriad of colors in the tree line as they drove past, trying not to analyze Ethan’s silence. He did this sometimes—just shut down and Serena was just not the kind of girl to ask a man what he was thinking all the damn time. Those kinds of conversations could drive a person crazy.

So, neither of them spoke for the rest of the short trip back to the house. But Ethan made better time heading back then when they’d left.

Ethan parked and got out of the car immediately. Serena had just finished releasing her seat belt. She was grabbing her purse when he opened her door reached in, pulled her out, and slammed the car door closed behind her.

When they hit the beginnings of the road leading to the house in Claverack the sun had started to set. There was almost no light at all, but the remnants of gold lay out horizontally along the bottom of the sky and the beginning of the earth.


He kissed her hard, his tongue twisting around hers. Moving his hands to her hips, he lifted her so she had to wrap her legs around him when he leaned his body into hers against the car door. It was colder now than when they’d arrived. Ethan squeezed her breast underneath the light corduroy jacket she wore. Her nipples were hard and infinitely sensitized to him, even with the bra. He stopped kissing her for a moment but wasted no time turning with her still wrapped around him and headed for the house.

“We have to put away the groceries.”

“To hell with the groceries.”

‘Ethan’s Choice: Blank Pages I’ is available now on Amazon & KU!

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