Rae Lamar & #WineWithWriters/Atlanta

We’re getting down to the wire now.  The third Wine With Writers event, this time stationed in Atlanta is less than two weeks away.  On Saturday, March 10th, six well-read and well established independent authors will come together to participate in a vibrant panel discussion on Identity and Individuality: The Movement towards Issue-based Black Women’s … More Rae Lamar & #WineWithWriters/Atlanta

Jacinta Howard & #WineWithWriters/Atlanta

There are conversations and then there are conversations.  Wine With Writers events, to my mind, have always had the distinction of being the type of conversation we all want to have: authentic, deep, funny, and memorable. What will we talk about?  ‘Identity & Individuality: The Movement Toward Issue-Based Black Women’s Fiction.’  What does that mean? Well again, … More Jacinta Howard & #WineWithWriters/Atlanta

Nia Forrester & #WineWithWriters/Atlanta

This will be the third Wine With Writers event since Nia Forrester conceived and implemented the idea in Washington, D.C. three years ago.  A friendly, relaxed forum, Wine With Writers offers readers and writers an opportunity to have an intimate, no holds barred discussion about the books they love and why they love them. The theme … More Nia Forrester & #WineWithWriters/Atlanta