Story Freebies

I believe the saying goes ‘nothing in life is free’.  Well, this is one of those rare occasions where you might actually have found something that is. That doesn’t mean it will always be so because everything in life IS transitory.  But for now and for however long you can, please enjoy what freebies you occasionally find here and don’t forget to let me know what you think.

For the record and a clue as to why I ask for feedback, the first freebie I featured here in November/December 2013 was a novella originally entitled Flawed Spirit.  Thank you to those who read the story and commented on it. That was extraordinarily helpful. The story and its title changed quite a bit. It was published in 2015 and is now being called Prelude For Tomorrow.  It is available for purchase here.  At the suggestion of many who read the piece, it has become the prequel to a full scale novel, which will be called Flawed Spirit, and will release sometime in 2016.  I’ve kept a sample of the prequel up on this site and you’ll find it here under Published Excerpts.  The story remains dedicated to my muse for it, Annie, as well as the families of the forty thousand.  To learn more about Annie, click here.

Story Freebies now come in a couple of different categories:

  • Serials are stories that will continue and I will contribute to for an unpredictable stretch of time like the old time radio and TV programs but without the crazy cliffhangers — at least not the heart thumping throw the computer across the room kind.  One serial I’ll be working on periodically is more of a reality tale called M. Stories. It’s the first in a series of memoirs dedicated to my late husband M. He was an endlessly interesting dude. I’m not always inclined to write about him because of course it makes me sad. However he was also the kind of guy, if you knew him, you definitely told stories about him, so I can’t imagine I won’t write more of them. Any way it’s a fun story about how he proposed to me before our first date. You can read it here.
  • Shorts are short stories. Pretty straight forward huh?  There is one  short story that will be available here for a time called Lucky Penny. This is a story I wrote about motherhood for an anthology published with a limited run in 2016 and dedicated to women. The lead character Brenda Thompson is a new mother who writes letters to her baby about the experience in lieu of a journal. Brenda has a cameo in one of my other recently published stories Blackbirds from Because My Heart Said So and I think of Brenda and her family often. You may know why after you read it here.
  • Snapshots are just that, scenes of unfinished ideas or scenes of ideas that are only finished in my head. Currently the only snapshot up is from an idea I had many years ago about a confident but unlucky guy who got very lucky very suddenly.  It’s a snapshot because honestly I’m not sure how long it’s going to be when it’s finished. But it has a title called Making My Way and you’ll find it here.