A poem from Lily

I finally acknowledged to myself and a few others that I am a writer. My goal was to become an author by publishing some of the stories that have taken root in my consciousness and plagued me on a daily basis. This site and my blog is about that journey. Who I am, is not nearly as important as what stories I have to tell, and how you — the reader – responds to them. But since you clicked here you probably want to know anyway so, here’s a poem just for you. Hope it’s insightful. It’s called,

Enough about me (an overview, Pt. 1)

I’m a reader and a writer.
I’m a lover and a fighter.
I’m a seer and a doer.

And yes, I am a contradiction.
I adore nature and New York City.
If I could breathe underwater, I’d build a home there.
It’d be spooky but I’d dig it anyway.

My skin is brown.
My hair is curly.
I wear glasses that do make me appear smarter than I actually am.
I like cats, don’t judge me.

Speaking of felines, I am a woman.
I am a voluptuous woman with all the headaches that brings.
I am a moody woman with all the headaches that brings.
I am a sassy and opinionated woman with…well, you get the general idea.

I have a pessimist lurking inside me that walks the path of an optimist,
With the flair and zeal of an idealist who is not afraid or too grossed out,
To just sit on the floor, like a good pragmatist.
There are some things that never change after all, but I am hopeful.


7 thoughts on “A poem from Lily

  1. I like it 🙂 good luck with your publishing goal. I have the same goal. I’m publishing my first book in February. I’m following you, keep blogging. I look forward to seeing your book


    1. Thanks for reading and for the encouragement Edward. I wish you the very best of luck with your goal too. I checked out your blog and you seem to be well on your way. Looking forward to 2014 being a good publishing year for both of us.


      1. No problem 🙂 thank you so much. I try to support every author I come across. Writing makes me feel like I’m home. So when I meet other writers it’s sorta like meeting family. So I’m really supportive, especially towards indie publishers


    1. Thanks Isola. In a crunch phase with my writing hence the delay in responding. I loved the song on your site. Congrats on the book signing too. That’s wonderful.


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