I got myself a couple of mini-interventions this month. I don’t get them often because I am highly independent as well as incredibly impatient with bullshit so most people are afraid of having their head handed to them. I don’t blame them I don’t particularly like giving myself an intervention either. They can be wrenchingly … More But…,


“You’re not leaving until later tonight?” She asked. “Yeah, ah huh.” He said, not looking up. He continued methodically going through drawers and putting various items he planned to pack near the suitcase on the bed. Ever since he’d taken the call about his Dad he’d been tightly reined in, saying little, and appearing more … More SAMPLE SUNDAY: Excerpt Two from STICKY MOON

Excerpt from Prelude For Tomorrow (prequel to Flawed Spirit)

Jarod Prentiss doesn’t wear a mask and a cape after work but he does keep a major part of his identity under wraps.  Noted child psychologist by day; popular romance author by night.   Shari Dunham, freelance writer has come cross-country to San Diego specifically to interview Jarod and learn about his work as a fiction writer, as well as ferret out his secrets.  But Jarod … More Excerpt from Prelude For Tomorrow (prequel to Flawed Spirit)

Excerpt from Sticky Moon

Someone very close to Myra Lambert has been brutally murdered. It’s commonly believed that her longtime stalker is the person responsible.  Ex-cop Glenn Sparrow has been hired to play bodyguard for the vulnerable heiress, while his best friend Homicide Detective Lt. Max Harper solves the case.  After a foiled abduction, Glenn and Myra retreat to the Lambert family farm, where they hope she’ll be … More Excerpt from Sticky Moon