Because My Heart Said So…, A Friends-to-Lovers Collection is coming soon!

I’m having the best time this year collaborating with other indie writers on a variety of projects. But this…, wow this, a collaborative work with some of my favorite writers who also happen to be some of my favorite women. This is just gonna be AWESOME!


 #4Writers4Love      COMING IN JUNE 2016

Because My Heart Said So… 

A Friends-to-Lovers Collection of brand new work by:

Nia Forrester, Jacinta Howard,

Lily Java & Rae Lamar.

Over the next weeks leading up to the release in June, I’m going to be blogging about these writers, the terrific books they’ve written, and our collaboration. This is so exciting for me and it was hugely hard to keep a secret given how much I’ve been (to use Nia’s term) “cheesin” about it for so long. I feel grateful and thrilled to finally get to share the news with all of you.

Join us in our Facebook group about the book here and get exclusive content, excerpts, giveaways, and secret writer’s tales about the collaboration and how each story came to be, #4Writers4Love.13239218_10156894462810494_757344205119288321_n




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