Playlist for Serena’s Vow

The music that came to me while writing ‘Serena’s Vow‘ came from ALL OVER THE PLACE. Often when I’m writing I’ll think of the music I want to listen to and I’ll add it to the list. For this book, it was the exact opposite. I’d be thinking about writing a particular scene and then a day or an hour later I’d hear just the right song to motivate/inspire me to finish writing it. It’s how I found the music from Kawika Young, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Jorja Smith, Liv Dawson, and the fantastic Beverley Knight among several others on this list. So what did that tell me? Well, if you write it the music will come, of course. LOL. Enjoy!

#musicmonday #EthanandSerena #epiclovestory #BlackbirdsDuet #playlist #lilyjavabooks

Click on the picture above to go to the playlist on Spotify.

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