Women: Withstanding All/Meet Heather Rae

The next author of Women: Withstanding All is someone whose work I’m only learning about myself.  The theme of her fictional story is one that will touch, challenge, and feel real in every woman’s heart.


Meet the Author: Heather Rae

Heather Rae’s theme for the #WWAAnthology was The Divorce Woman.  Here is an excerpt from her piece entitled: Shape.

The scent of pine wafted by the tip of her nose. Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply, breathing in the fresh, crisp aroma. Oh, how she loved the fall! She tilted her head back; her gaze focused on the leaves suspended above. Shades of red, orange, and yellow waved a good morning to the woman. Soft pink lips, shiny with gloss, slid into a hint of a smile. Carefully, the woman lowered herself to the ground, cautious of the insulated cup in her hand.

A cardinal swooped down from its perch in a neighboring oak. Settled upon the stone headstone, its black eyes fixed on the woman as she took a long sip of coffee. There was a shift in the air; a warming temperature reminiscent of a soft kiss across her cheek. “Hey, Momma. Such a beautiful day, isn’t it?” Her head tipped in the direction of the bird. “It’s still pretty early, but I had some things I needed to tell you—to share with you.”

Janelle fell silent in an attempt to slow her mind. Uncertainty clenched at her heart. If she could be granted one hour of conversation with her mother, she would have given everything she owned for it. Laser-like chirps interrupted Janelle’s thoughts, disrupting her thoughts.

She breathed a heavy sigh of relief, and Janelle finally spoke. “It has taken me twenty years to breathe, Momma; to experience true happiness; to know just who I am.” Her chin lifted with pride. “Allow me to introduce you to her. I think you’re gonna love her; I do.”



To learn more about Heather Rae and her work check out her Facebook page here or reach out to her at Twitter here or on her website here.

Stay with me Readers as I celebrate a few more authors over the next few days and share more about a book filled with woman writers who want nothing more than to tell you a little story about the world from a woman’s perspective.

Women: Withstanding All has been released and is available here now.




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