Women: Withstanding All/Meet Xyla Turner

The spiritual leader, writing enthusiast, and brains behind the Women: Withstanding All anthology is also one of its authors.  I’ve been happy to work on a project with her because her drive and passion is contagious.  I often tell her she’s #brooklynfabulous but honestly she’d be fabulous in any region.


Meet the Author: Xyla Turner

Xyla Turner’s theme for the #WWAAnthology was The Single Woman.  Here is an excerpt from her piece entitled: All My Single Ladies.

The station turned out to be the last part of the old television show, Martin. He was throwing Pam out of the house and Tommy stepped to him and said, “Now, you won’t be talking to her like that anymore.”
I laughed out loud, nearly choking on the meatloaf that attempted to lodge in my throat. My voice echoed in my studio apartment, which I realized was a bit too loud and the neighbors might question my sanity. They all knew I lived alone too.
Gina and Martin started doing the, ‘oh no, he didn’t step to Martin like that’ routine, causing my laughter to continue, even though I’d seen the episode many of times. I remember being so glad that Pam finally was able to get a man that would be there for her. Tommy looked so promising. He’d take care of her and just like the scene that played across my screen, he’d have her back like a partner should. Shit, maybe she’d find out where Tommy actually worked.
My laughter rang out in my apartment and it quickly turned to tears. The show final series concluded with Tommy and Pam not being together. Just like I was not with anyone, trying to live vicariously through characters someone wrote in a script.
The tears began to cloud my vision of the show. Dammit, this was the good part because Tommy was declaring his feelings for her.
Where was my love?
My declaration?


To learn more about Xyla Turner and her work check out her Facebook page here or reach out to her at Twitter here or at Goodreads here.

Stay with me Readers as I celebrate a few more authors over the next few days and share more about a book filled with woman writers who want nothing more than to tell you a little story about the world from a woman’s perspective.

Women: Withstanding All has been released and is available here now.


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