✦✦✦ Release Day Spotlight✦✦✦ Because My Heart Said So by 4Writers4Love

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For this month’s Author Spotlight, MRN is doing something a little different. Instead of featuring one author for June, MRN is hosting 4Writers4Love and their just released anthology, today in fact, Because My Heart Said So – A Friend-to-Lovers Collection. ?If you don’t know who 4Writers4Love are?yet, you will…

Women: Withstanding All/Meet Xyla Turner

The spiritual leader, writing enthusiast, and brains behind the Women: Withstanding All anthology is also one of its authors.  I’ve been happy to work on a project with her because her drive and passion is contagious.  I often tell her she’s #brooklynfabulous but honestly she’d be fabulous in any region. Meet the Author: Xyla Turner Xyla Turner’s theme for the … More Women: Withstanding All/Meet Xyla Turner

Women: Withstanding All Release Day!

Today is release day for the Women: Withstanding All Anthology, which features short stories from fourteen women authors whose work spans the spectrum from urban fiction, to romance, to women’s fiction; and also spans the different stages of women’s lives, from childhood to maturity. The unifying theme is that it features women, persevering. And here … More Women: Withstanding All Release Day!

SAMPLE SUNDAY: Prelude For Tomorrow, a novella

Hello Mr. Carter?” Shari asked, tentatively holding her hand out in greeting. “Yes that’s me.” Jarod said, taking her hand and shaking it. Her skin was noticeably soft. When he let go of her he surreptitiously rubbed his chin with the same hand and detected a hint of honeysuckle coming from it. “You must be … More SAMPLE SUNDAY: Prelude For Tomorrow, a novella