Nia Don’t Do Drama.

Today my blog is being hosted by Sydney Tarr, the heroine from my next publishing venture. Sydney isn’t a journalist but she is known for having a fine eye for details as well as an inquisitive nature. She’s also really good at ferreting out secrets. So when Sydney expressed an interest in meeting the writers … More Nia Don’t Do Drama.


I got myself a couple of mini-interventions this month. I don’t get them often because I am highly independent as well as incredibly impatient with bullshit so most people are afraid of having their head handed to them. I don’t blame them I don’t particularly like giving myself an intervention either. They can be wrenchingly … More But…,

Repairing faith

I’m a Catholic. An irreverent Catholic, full of contradictions spiritual and otherwise, but I am and have been a part of that religious community off and on for many years. I went to religious schools growing up. The public school in my neighborhood was an unacceptable alternative to my mother and like many parents raising … More Repairing faith

Celebrations of Love

There was a time that I seriously considered using my love of the written word for a career in journalism. So when I was offered my first opportunity to be a paid journalist and the subject was “celebrations of love”, I jumped at it despite my inherent reservations at being outed as an extreme quixotic. … More Celebrations of Love