Women: Withstanding All/Meet Angelia Vernon Menchan

Day two of my introductions to the authors of the anthology Women: Withstanding All gives me immense pleasure because I so appreciate all this particular woman has to offer as a writer and a mentor. Out of respect I sometimes call her Ms. M but I think I also have the great honor of calling her a friend.  As I mentioned fourteen women authors have banded together to write a short piece about a pivotal time in a woman’s life, these stories have been compiled into what we hope will be a commemoration of all women. Enjoy.


Meet the Author:  Angelia Vernon Menchan

Angelia Vernon Menchan’s theme for the #WWAAnthology was The Career Woman.  Here is an excerpt from her piece entitled: I want you…and My Career.

Jefferson’s nose flared as it was prone to do when he was annoyed. Alicia’s heart lurched because he was a handsome man whom she loved completely, but no one told her that love, marriage, and having a child meant she would have to give up her career.

“We are discussing it now, Alicia. I’m not risking my child-”

“Jefferson, you have one more time to call OUR baby your child. I’m carrying our child, in our marriage, where we make life changing decisions together!”

His eyes narrowed before he turned and allowed the door to close behind him as he walked out of the house.

I think we just fought Alicia thought as she made her way to their bedroom. She was happy about becoming a mother and having their child, but giving up her career for over five years wasn’t an option. She never agreed to that. She was not agreeing to that. She quickly showered and shook off the conversation. They would talk later. Jefferson was her husband, not her dictator.


To learn more about Angelia Vernon Menchan and her work check out her website here. Or follow her on Facebook here.  Or follow her on Twitter here.

Join me again tomorrow as I continue to share more about the book and introduce you to other authors who want nothing more than to tell you a little story about the world from a woman’s perspective.

Women: Withstanding All will be released on March 15, 2016 but it is available for pre-order here now for the limited sale price of $1.99.

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