Promos and Prelude For Tomorrow

I love visual artists. My father was one. My husband was too. I myself could never even draw a cube in perspective though over the course of 29 years my husband often tried to teach me. Yet, I am a visual person. I’ve been told I have a good eye (whatever that means). Actually, I do know what that means. My mother-in-law can spot a four, five, six, or more leaf clover in the ground from six-feet away. One of my favorite stories about her was the time she picked ninety-five of them out of the ground in two days for the place settings at a wedding. I don’t have that kind of eye, but I do have that kind of tenacity, especially when I feel good about what I’m creating.

It takes tenacity to write a book. I’ll be releasing my second in a few days and I’m excited about it. So much so, I’ve been working on promo ads for it off and on all weekend, when I should be editing or writing. I enjoy visual work even though I’m no graphic designer. I enjoy exercising my creativity in new ways whenever possible. I enjoy sharing that creativity with the world as much as possible. It makes me feel alive, and useful, and blessed.

I think maybe, that makes me an artist too.

(click on the pictures to enlarge them)

Promo ad 1: Jarod Prentiss                                                                            Promo ad 2: Shari Dunham


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