“You’re not leaving until later tonight?” She asked.

“Yeah, ah huh.” He said, not looking up. He continued methodically going through drawers and putting various items he planned to pack near the suitcase on the bed. Ever since he’d taken the call about his Dad he’d been tightly reined in, saying little, and appearing more remote than ever.

“No, Glenn. You have to hurry and go now.”

“Max has someone driving up to help. I’m only waiting until they can get here.”

“No.” She said again shaking her head for emphasis. “I’ve arranged for a plane to take you but the charter’s only available for the next two hours. You’d have to leave now. It will take you almost an hour to get to LaGuardia once you’re on the plane.”

He stopped packing for a moment to look at her. To her mind, the silent questions he volleyed in her direction with his eyes were unanswerable. His frustration at not being able to be in two places at once was understandable, familiar even, but he’d never get this time back and they both knew it.

“Glenn, it’s your Father. You have to go. I won’t be responsible for you not getting to him fast enough.” She turned away from him then not quite able to contain herself.

She felt his nearness at her back but held herself rigid knowing if he touched her she might break down and beg him to stay.

“You’d only be down one person for a few more hours.” He whispered. “I want you to stay in the house okay? I’ll get Danae to come stay with you. I’m…I’m sorry about this Maya.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. There’s absolutely nothing for you to be sorry about. This is how life works. There’s always…something always happens and then we adapt.” She said all of it casually, over her shoulder as she walked across the room and sat, afraid to look at him.

She turned slightly drawing her legs up on the window seat as he hurried now to finish packing. There were so many trees close to this side of the house. She could barely see any road from her vantage point but she could still hear signs of life in the forest through the open window. In her current circumstances she realized, for the first time ever, nature held no fascination for her. This place, which had always been a haven, couldn’t slake the almost desperate need she had to feel his hands caressing her.

She’d never had this much trouble repressing desire before. It surprised her that it was possible to feel this kind of yearning for someone and not be able to resist it. Her whole body seemed to pulse with an unsatisfied and sensual hunger to have him near — deeply connected in whatever way possible. The intimacy of these thoughts rattled her. She prayed she’d done a good job of hiding her anxiety about him leaving even if it was only for a few days. Glenn had a fierce, almost unyielding protective streak. He mustn’t think she couldn’t handle this. He’d insist she come along making them both way too vulnerable or worse, he’d decide not to go at all.


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