Hot Java

There are few things as scintillating as a cup of good hot java; take that from a confirmed and veteran tea drinker. This section will be dedicated to reviews and sharing, which I’m hoping will have the same effect as my all time favorite café au lait, served at Bacchus Café on Atlantic Avenue.  Think brief warm flashes of light and excitement…hmm, yummy.

We’ll review anything and everything here including books, movies, TV, music, websites, even political parties (just kidding, there’ll be very little ranting allowed, unless you’re funny about it).

We’ll share anything too.  Well,…almost anything.  If there’s something you really have a burning desire to see here share it with me, and the powers that be will take it under advisement.

We might have a guest or two at some point. Truth is, you never know who or what you’ll see at Hot Java and that’s what makes it so scintillating.

2 thoughts on “Hot Java

    1. Thanks Michele. Yeah, I think it’s a good idea too but I need to find more time to implement it better. And yes, I’d heard on the vine that you were really into java. What’s not to love?


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