Book Reviews


Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby by Kim Golden

A refreshing read, I so enjoyed Maybe Baby. I love books that not only take me to places I’ve never physically been to but also make me feel as if I had. I also love books that are not typical and Maybe Baby is a romantic story but not at all a typical romance. Laney’s and Mad’s journey with each other answers both my book cravings in abundance. The story is about an expat American woman living in Europe in a sad, unhealthy, and broken relationship. This situation becomes the trigger for two imperfect people to be drawn to each other despite their better instincts or perhaps because of them. I highly recommend Maybe Baby for all the reasons above and one more significant reason beside that: it is a beautifully written story. The unconventionality is only a side note that succeeds in making the romance all the more sweet and realistic.




One on One

One on One by Keith Thomas Walker

I think this may be my favorite Keith Thomas Walker book but since I’ve only scratched the surface with this prolific and talented writer I can’t be certain. The slow burn in this story was what I found most enjoyable and interesting. Marquis Berry was a terrific and imperfect hero in that his numerous challenges were not insurmountable but they were consistent because he could not take his mind off the heroine Nya. I love hearing strong male voices and POV in romance novels and Mr. Walker does not disappoint with Marquis Berry. Nya Edmonds was also a very likable character with a strong presence in the novel. Even when we weren’t hearing her inner thoughts we knew what they were and that’s a neat trick in any story. I particularly loved the relationship between Nya and her daughter Lisa. The honest back and forth between them was touching and reminiscent of conversations I’ve had with my own daughter. In fact, both protagonists were so relatable, I felt for them deeply when they were in situations that were unpleasant and no fault of their own. I cannot lie I was disappointed when this story ended and wanted more. I’m greedy like that with an excellent book I feel an emotional connection to; although it’s very hard to see how this book could have been improved on by adding to it.